The Travelling Camera Project

The Travelling Camera Photoproject created by Peter Price is intended to bring together young photographers from all over the world. All of them are united with small film camera, which travels from one person to other. Travelling Camera claims, that photographers being distanced from each other can create something wonderful using single camera. Germany, Portugal, England, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia and other countries are being bounded together with the art of photography by an old travelling Olympus Pen EE.

The Travelling Camera Project has started November 2, 2012. Little and very brave film camera Olympus Pen EE started its great journey to see different countries and meet different people! The first destination point was Sintra, nice and small town in Portugal. Stay tuned for blog updates. And finally you`ll see all the pictures that will be made by the hosts of the camera, young and talented photographers all around the world.

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